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Job Title: Personnel and Facility Support Services
Location: DHS, CWMD Washington, DC
Clearance: Top Secret Clearance Required

Support development and drafting of CWMD security standard operating procedures (SOPs) including:

  • SCI development andoperations

  • Collateral development andoperations

  • Provide document control and accountability of classifiedinformation.

  • Draft procedural guidance to support classification management marking guides.

  • Track securityfiles.


Develop and deliver training for CWMD personnel for training topics such as:

  • Annual Security Awareness Training to CWMD employeesand contractors (all securitystaff)

  • Derivative ClassificationTraining

  • Sensitive Compartmented InformationTraining

  • Operational Security(OPSEC)

  • New Hireonboarding


  • Manage security-related improvements to the facility to ensure proper compliance with DHS policy and guidance. Manage the foreign travel country clearance and Official Passport program. Passing of CWMD staff clearance as part of foreign visits Coordinate foreign travel with the Department of State. Coordinate with the DHS building guard force for regular and special events and building emergencies.

  • Maintain the CWMD OPSEC program. Provide security briefings/orientation for all staff including Senior Staff and incoming employees. Maintain Access Control for CWMD spaces. Manage the incoming foreign visitor program for CWMD.

  • Serve as primary custodian of all security systems associated hardware, card readers, cameras, duress alarms, sensors, metal detectors, locks, x-ray equipment, key control equipment, and communications equipment within CWMD spaces. Coordinate with DHS Physical Security Section for installation and maintenance security hardware. Conduct tests of collateral area hardware (alarm systems/safes/swipe access) to ensure proper function to ensure compliance with DHS policy and guidance.

  • Track repair and maintenance work orders for compliance with DHS policy and guidance. Conduct vulnerability assessments and site surveys to identify weakness and evaluate CWMD security systems. Manage the GSA approved container lifecycle (safes).

  • Submit visit authorization requests letters (collateral) to other agencies/companies for CWMD employees. Receive and post-visit request letters from other agencies for individuals visiting CWMD. Track foreign visitors and ensure their information is posted to ISMS (collateral) and provided to FAMS and CI. Prepare and submit DOE Q clearance requests.

  • Maintain security related personnel records and track suspense items in accordance with DHS policies and regulations. Support OCSO PSD to manage the CWMD new hire requests and process documents.

  • Coordinate and conduct program-wide assessments of collateral programs relative to Industrial Security requirements. Identify classified, collateral contracts by reviewing all contracts issued by DHS CWMD or its agents.

  • Assist the technical staff on preparing a DD 254 and coordinate with the Industrial Security Program Branch for the issuance of DD 254s as required.

  • Provide guidance to program managers and contractors on how to process a National Interest Determination for companies doing classified work for CWMD and have foreign ownership issues.

  • Assist the CWMD staff in developing and updating a Security Classification Guide. Provide guidance as necessary on how to process contractors for Facility Security Clearances.

  • Prepare and present security briefings concerning Industrial Security and the development of all industrial security procedures.

  • Assist with the planning, organization, and production of CWMD sponsored meetings, special events, seminars, and programs.

  • Maintain division’s personnel performance management files and support managers with related tasks (due dates, tracking, filing, responding to human capital personnel, etc.)

  • Notify human capital of any pending staff changes and serve as a liaison for personnel or training actions. Maintain records of directorate’s training requests and completed attendance of training.

  • Serve as liaison with Facilities Division regarding and facilities-related needs of directorate, including space, furniture, property, and safety.

  • Serve as representative on Occupant Emergency Planning team. Sort, screen, review, and distribute incoming and outgoing division mail.