Job Title: Management Analyst III (EUR/PGI) - 1 position

Location: Department of State, Harry S. Truman Building, Washington, DC
Clearance Requirement: Top Secret/SCI Clearance


  • Development and Design - Typical Tasks

  • Action officer and policy advisor on all Leahy-related issues and daily operations in bureau.

  • Responsible for daily SCI-level vetting for all security force units and individuals requesting Department of State assistance in EUR.

  • Develops policy recommendations for the EUR bureau on highly controversial and politically sensitive U.S. positions, such as Leahy and human rights concerns.

  • Anticipates potential policy problems, assesses impact and Congressional reaction, and ensures that policy recommendations are consistent with governmental and departmental objectives.

  • Reviews policies, assesses political viability of options and alternatives, and develops innovative approaches.

  • Drafts, presents and defends policy documents to Department officials.

  • Demonstrates a high level of analytical ability to advise decision makers.

  • Works in a team with two other foreign affairs officers on human rights, democracy, labor, religious freedom, and trafficking in persons issues.

  • Serves as the Bureau’s action officer for Leahy, and is a lead officer and advisor on human rights, labor, and democracy issues, but duties may change due to the program operations processes.

  • Analyzes a variety of issues critical to the development of policy and operational support of department-wide initiatives.

  • Serves as the EUR lead for coordinating one of three congressionally mandated human rights related reports, working directly with DRL, desk officers, and posts, but duties may change due to the program operations processes.

  • Develops guidance for posts and provides Bureau input to DRL and J/TIP.

  • Coordinates other congressionally mandated reports for these countries (human rights reports, labor reports, etc.).

  • Serves as backup to the two other foreign affairs officers on the human rights team.

Operations and Performance Management - Typical Tasks:

Operations and Performance Management - Typical Tasks:

  • Knowledge of the theories, principles, and practices of U.S. foreign policy objectives and programs to assess the relevancy and implications of foreign affairs developments and information on human rights and democracy issues within the region.

  • Knowledge of the issues, developments, and events affecting the formulation and execution of U.S. foreign policy in the region.Knowledge of U.S. foreign affairs information sources, processes, and organizations in order to apply the full range of available information resources and capabilities to support the needs of the Department, combined with substantial knowledge of pertinent subject matter, to analyze and evaluate factors and conditions bearing upon the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and earn recognition by the expertise of the analyst to deal with complex issues.

  • Ability to provide advice, guidance, and consultation to officials with regard to the interpretation and application of analyses.

  • Ability to establish liaison at all levels throughout the Department of State and foreign policy communities to exchange information vital to both spheres of operation. Skills in oral and written communication to develop and present analyses, provide guidance, solicit information, defend proposals, and negotiate agreements.

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