Job Title: DOC - Support Specialist

Location: Main Commerce Building, Washington D.C.
Clearance Level: None



  • Ensure DoC data is properly entered into the system to include maintaining contractor separations of duty, clean up and correction of records.

  • Serve as a liaison to bureau representatives concerning record discrepancies.

  • Print and review audit trail reports to monitor for fraud or abuse.

  • Plan, organize and prioritize work in a high-volume, fast-paced security environment. This includes the ability to maintain poise, tact and self-control while under pressure, and the ability to follow through on tasks.

  • Demonstrate strong customer service skills both in person and by telephone, and work effectively as a team member, and balance the interests of a variety of clients.

  • Exercise above-average judgment, resourcefulness, and diplomacy in dealing with Government officials, contractors and associates, visitors and the general public.

  • Protect privacy and ensure policy and procedure compliance.

  • Advise program managers and senior managers on administrative/procedurals decisions and judgments.

  • Analyze and evaluate, on a quantitative/qualitative basis, the effectiveness of line program operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

  • Develop, provide and transmit effective communications, both oral and in writing.

  • Prepare a variety of reports for bureau and management.

  • Execute word processing and data entry.

  • Research, develop and review documents for Department-level approval, to include management policies, Departmental Orders and other routine requests.

  • Develop procedures and systems for assessing the effectiveness of programs/management processes.

  • Create, review and provide briefing materials.

  • Adeptly using Microsoft Office Suite to include heavy us of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Review and edit office documents.

  • Establishing and maintaining records and files which include preforming appropriate reductions in accordance with general records schedules.

  • Photocopying and performing other general office duties as assigned.



  • USAccess Experience



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